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Japanese Scroll Paintings: A Handbook of Mounting Techniques (PDF)
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Japanese Scroll Paintings: A Handbook of Mounting Techniques

by Masako Koyano

Note: Upon purchase, a PDF of this book may be downloaded through a link sent via your confirmation email. The book was published by FAIC in 1979 and has just been scanned into electronic format. The Preface and Table of Contents are below. The book is 112 pages, plus 8 plates.



It is with considerable pleasure and pride that the Foundation of the American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works presents Masako Koyano's Japanese Scroll Paintings: A Handbook of Mounting Techniques as its first book publication.

The Foundation is most grateful to Mrs. Koyano for making this work available to us, and to the Conservation Center of the Institute of Fine Arts, New York University, for releasing it for publication.

The initial impetus for the Foundation's publication of this work came from Joyce Hill Stoner and Donald K. Sebera, who were then Executive Director and President of the Foundation, and from W. Thomas Chase, who brought the work and the need for a publisher to the attention of these officers.

The publication in its present form would not have been possible without the generous assistance of the Japan Foundation of Tokyo.

The contribution of John Winter, of the Technical Laboratory, Freer Gallery of Art, is infinitely greater than the modest designation of Editor suggests. In addition to editing the manuscript, he has handled the negotiations, design, and production of the book as well. Without his initiative, the book could not have seen print.

November 1978
Paul N. Banks, President, 


Table of Contents

Introduction 9

1. Scroll terminology 11

2. Styles of the hanging scroll

I. Three basic types 16

II. Other types 20

III. Calculations for the parts of a scroll 26

3. Materials for the scroll

I. Object to be mounted 28

II. Front material for the mounting 28

III. Backing materials 29

IV. Adhesives 30

4. Workshop and equipment

I. The workshop 33

II. Equipment 34

5. Workshop procedures

I. Preliminary treatments 44

II. First layer of backing, badaura 48

III. Second layer of backing, mashiura 54

IV. Joining the parts of the scroll 59

V. Third layer of backing, ageura 65

VI. Finishing 75

VII. Handling and storage 91